admitad Sub-ID tracking

admitad Sub-ID tracking

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What exactly do you get the new version of admitad Sub-ID Tracking.

1. Now you have an opportunity to pass up to five different Sub-ID in an admitad referral link admitad!

New values Sub-ID:

For Example:

This decision will help you to transfer much more information for each click committed. For example, if you purchase traffic in teaser networks, now you can much more effectively and efficiently track conversion exclude those traffic sources that are not beneficial to you.

Now you can transfer:

Tizer ID = subid
Country = subid1
City = subid2
Area = subid3
With multiple Sub-ID, you can filter the information you need in statistics, for example, first look at the information teaser then filtered by city, etc.

Now you become available to conduct more analytics in this data.

2. Ability to add Sub-ID as a GET-parameter

For Example:


We also support the old format, but many suggested move to a new, as it is much more convenient.

3. You can insert your Sub-ID anywhere on the link.

For Example:

That is, you can transmit the Sub-ID now at the beginning and end of the link reference (after Deeplink URL)

4. The length of the received symbols in one Sub-ID is limited to 50 characters.

5. Statistics for action, as well as statistics on the Sub-ID added new filters Sub-ID1 – Sub-ID4.

P.S. You can also use a Sub-ID to the coupon link. For example:

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