Instant Payout: the top 6 questions about the tool

Instant Payout: the top 6 questions about the tool

Instant Payout helps webmasters speed up the withdrawal of their earnings.  With Instant Payout, all earned funds that have not yet been paid by the advertiser will be transferred from the Awaiting Payment by the Advertiser status to the Ready for Withdrawal within 24 hours.

We‘ve collected and answered the top questions from the webmasters about the tool.

  • Do all payouts hit Instant Payout in auto mode?

No. If the advertiser pays for actions within the given period, the money is transferred to the account without using the tool (even if the auto mode is on). 

The tool works only with the actions for which the advertiser has committed to pay, but did not have time to refill the balance. Such actions have the status “Pending payment by advertiser”.

Automatic mode works as follows: once a day the system automatically checks whether the user has funds in the “Pending payment from advertiser” status. They are transferred to the status of “Ready for withdrawal”.

  • Who can use Instant Payout, and how to activate the tool?

The Admitad Instant Payout service is available to you upon meeting the following criteria:

  • You have been cooperating with Admitad Affiliate for more than 6 months.
  • The publisher has funds with the Awaiting advertiser payment status.
  • Your account successfully passed automatic system evaluation and received access to the Instant Pay service.

If your account meets the first 2 criteria, but you cannot access the service, then your account has not passed the automatic system evaluation. Read more

  • Why aren’t all advertisers connected to Instant Payout?

Most advertisers are connected to the service. We do not connect those advertisers who are already overdue with payments. Some advertisers don’t support Admitad Instant Payout for technical reasons.

Therefore, when rewards in such programs get the Awaiting advertiser payment status, their status cannot be changed to Ready to withdrawal with Admitad Instant Payout.

 The list of companies connected to the tool is updated regularly. And webmasters periodically get notifications about additional funds available for withdrawal in Instant Payout.

  • Are Instant Payout requests processed on weekends and holidays?

Applications are sent daily, both for auto-transfer and manual modes. If you need to withdraw funds on weekends or holidays, the “Ready for withdrawal” status remains standard – 24 hours. 

  • Can I withdraw with Instant Payout in different currencies?

Yes, you can. The tool has nothing to do with currency, it only transfers funds to the “Ready for withdrawal” status.

  • When is it convenient to use Instant Payout?

The tool not only saves time for webmasters by removing waiting for funds from the work cycle, but also helps in the following cases:

  • Need money for business development, such as investing in a new advertising campaign to attract traffic. Instant Payout helps webmasters engaged in launching paid ads much faster. 
  • Need to minimize the currency conversion loss. That’s relevant for the webmasters whose earnings are waiting to be paid in a currency with a constantly moving exchange rate. In such cases, it is advantageous to get the money faster, convert it and avoid the risk of losing money due to currency fluctuations.
  • Fixing the cash flow gap. For example, you need to pay your employees’ salaries or invest in the project development, but have no physical funds for these expenses. The tool speeds up withdrawals, and you won’t need to take out a loan or borrow to pay off your mandatory expenses.
  • Now 80% of webmasters, who are using the tool, have connected to the automatic mode. It saves time (because you don’t have to keep track of which advertisers are connected to Instant Payout) and money (automatic mode reduces remuneration by 5%, while manual mode reduces remuneration by 7%). 

If you have any questions and suggestions about the tool, leave them in the comments on the blog and our social networks. We will take them into account to develop Instant Payout and make it even more convenient and user-friendly.

Stay profitable!

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