Maximizing Your Online Sales Potential: How SMBs Can Benefit From Using Cpa Marketing for Advertisers

Maximizing Your Online Sales Potential: How SMBs Can Benefit From Using Cpa Marketing for Advertisers

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Plus, you only pay for real sales…

Are you a small or medium-sized business looking to promote your products or services online but don’t know where to start? Or you’ve already tried contextual advertising and targeting, but want to attract even more sales.

If so, there’s a solution that can save you both time and money: joining an affiliate network as an advertiser.

CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing allows you to pay for specific actions such as the sale of a product or service, rather than for clicks and impressions that don’t lead to orders. By signing up with an affiliate network such as Admitad, you can attract relevant traffic and enjoy projected growth of up to 30% in sales.

Admitad offers access to over 600,000 advertising platforms with a wide range of traffic types and sites with 1-click access. White glove onboarding and professional support network managers take the guesswork out of CPA marketing. 

You’ll also benefit from a large number of tools for traffic control and statistics analysis, making it easy to calculate your advertising budget and achieve 100% predictability of the results.

You can work with many types of traffic, including:

  • content creators, bloggers, and influencers, 
  • contextual and targeted advertising, 
  • groups/communities across social networks, 
  • sites with promotions, coupons, and promotional codes, 
  • cashback sites, email newsletters, and display ads

If you’re using the internet as one of your main sales channels and want to increase conversion and the number of orders, CPA marketing is for you. 

Plus, you only pay for real sales…

Admitad has helped many advertisers to increase their sales. 

Here’s an example from our partner Cook Unity: 

Commission Rate 50% higher than on a competitor network
Cook Unity has created a groundbreaking marketplace that has changed the way millions of busy individuals discover, experience, and enjoy the world’s finest cuisine. 

Unlike other food delivery services, meal kit subscriptions, and pre-made meals, they’re dedicated to responsibly packaging the ingenuity and expertise of the culinary world’s brightest minds and delivering unparalleled results to kitchen tables across the globe.

With Admitad, Cook Unity was able to schedule an exceptional CPA rate prior to their integration. This rate is almost 50% higher than their standard rate on 

Despite having a 40% Admitad system commission rate, we’re still able to offer a competitive payout to our publishers.

Cook Unity also works with a diverse set of traffic sources capturing all traffic outside of the toolbar and brand-bidding. Opening the funnel this wide with a strong network partner has allowed Cook Unity to increase sales.

These cases illustrate how medium-sized businesses can benefit from working with Admitad’s CPA platform. If you want to start cooperation with the network, expand your reach, and increase your average check, but you have questions, contact Admitad at for assistance.

To start working with an affiliate network like Admitad, simply leave a request or email with a description of your project and links to it, perform technical integration, launch your affiliate program, select webmasters for cooperation, and confirm and pay for quality orders, applications, and registrations.

To learn more about the benefits of cooperation with Admitad for small and medium businesses

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