An Updated Promo Code Request Tool

Start requesting any promotional codes without any hassle.

We’re happy to announce that there is a new and convenient way for Admitad publishers and advertisers to interact with the promo code request system.

Publishers can request personal promotional codes from advertisers, analyze their effectiveness, and easily navigate through promotional codes thanks to convenient filters.

You can request both promotional codes with tracking links, as well as linkless Take&Go promotional codes.

Convenient Filters for Searching Promotional Codes

We have updated the filter so that publishers can quickly find the type of promo code they need.

You can filter coupon type by category to find the following types of promo codes:

  • Promo codes that can only be found in the Admitad Partner Network. These include exclusive promotional codes, personal promotional codes valid through the affiliate link, as well as those issued by advertisers at the request of managers for local holidays, sales, marathons, and festivals organized by the affiliate network. Please note that this promo code type always requires an affiliate link to track the conversion;
  • Take & Go – promotional codes that work without a link;
  • Coming soon – promotional codes that will be active soon.

Such differentiation is bound to help webmasters.

For example, exclusive promo codes with affiliate links are perfect for coupon websites and price comparison sites, while Take&Go linkless promo codes are more suitable for social networks, telegram channels, and blogs.

Take&Go: No Affiliate Links Required

Promotional codes that do not require affiliate link tracking are now available to publishers. All you have to do is to request a promotional code, and then place it on your desired platform.

All orders made through this promo code from any source will be credited to the publisher who received the Take&Go promo code.

Such promotional codes can be easily integrated into any content type and allow publishers to effectively monetize their platforms without worrying about placing links.

Take&Go promo codes are designed specifically for bloggers, niche experts, influencers, and opinion leaders. E.g. for content creators whose orders could previously only be credited to closing channels, such as cashback services.

By using the Take&Go promo codes, content creators will be rewarded for all orders made using their code words.

How To Request Promo Codes With Link Tracking

There is now a user-friendly interface available to all publishers they can use to request promotional codes from advertisers.

There are a few key steps you can follow to get a promo code:

In the Tools section, select Promo code requests

Then, click the Request promo code button

Next, specify the parameters of the desired promotional code in a special form

How To Request the Linkless Personal Take&Go Promo Codes

To generate a linkless personal Take&Go promo code, just follow the same steps but indicate that a Take&Go promo code is required when filling out the form.

Understanding Statistics

Once the update takes place, publishers will be able to check the functionality of all types of promotional codes, regardless of whether they are used with or without affiliate links.

To view the promo code statistics used with affiliate links, click the “Statistics” section and select the desired filter. You can view data by actions, time, context, SubID, and CPC, separately for different sites and programs.

When using Take&Go promo codes, you can view data for a specific platform, program, and promo code.

This sort of data allows you to analyze information about each promotional code: the number of clicks and orders/sales, and the sum of money earned during a particular period of time.

Do You Want Even More?

Go to the “Will be active soon” section to find the promo codes that will be activated in the near future. Such data enables you to plan ahead.

The section provides information for both types: exclusive affiliate network promo codes and Take&Go promo codes.

Consider using all promotional code types to grow and increase audience loyalty! Register with Admitad to benefit from using Take&Go linkless promo codes.

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