Cashback links: new way for publishers to attract target audience

Cashback links: new way for publishers to attract target audience

According to Admitad data, more than 65% of the GMV attracted and more than 55% of the money earned by publishers comes from business models with low customer retention – coupon services, media buying, traffic from social networks, content websites and others.

That is, publishers in this audience in most cases earn one time 100% commission.

And is it possible to earn repeatedly from referred customers to online shops when using these business models?

Yes, of course you can talk about retargeting and remarketing, intermediate landings to collect information and users, but with the constant tightening of the nuts and bolts on the topic of privacy, as well as the difficulty of identifying specific customers who have made a purchase on the site of online shops, this approach does not allow you to get a meaningful and scalable success.

The figures of GMV and publisher revenue share percentages with so-called zero-retention business models are high enough to start talking about tools that would allow publishers to earn long-term income from each attracted customer.

Admitad for the first time on the market offers such an opportunity to its publishers – Cashback link as an alternative to Deeplink.

In the publisher’s cabinet there is an opportunity to generate cashback link and use it to attract target audience similar to deeplink. Cashback link can be generated for any page of the advertiser’s site.

When clicking on the cashback link, the buyer can make a choice – buy with cashback or buy without cashback.

When choosing without cashback, he continued his customer journey as before. In case of purchase with cashback the user gets into an alternative customer journey through registration or authorisation in the cashback service, and therefore already on the advertiser’s site, where after making a purchase he is credited with cashback, as well as the buyer is linked to the publisher he attracted.

Binding is carried out through the cashback service.

This solution allows publishers to earn significantly more from their targeted traffic in the long run.

“We received a request from our publishers to increase retention and decided to close it via cashback link. This will increase ROI for media buyers, coupon site owners, traffic from social networks. At the same time, the old original deeplink remains running under the same terms and conditions. We leave the choice to publishers, where it is more profitable for them to work in the long or short term. We plan to further develop new services for publishers, especially inside Earnings Wallet, to provide the opportunity to save money when moving money and topping up accounts in advertising networks.”

Anna Gidirim, CEO of Admitad

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