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flynas achieved 15%+ month-to-month increase in SEM traffic

Admitad and flynas case study

Admitad, a leading affiliate marketing network in the MENA region, successfully partnered with flynas, a Saudi Arabian airline, to launch their first-ever affiliate program. The objective was to increase flynas’ online presence and attract new customers by targeting generic keywords in Google. Admitad’s expertise in managing SEM publishers and their utilization of the Brand Auditor tool played crucial roles in achieving the partnership’s goals. 

As a result of the successful partnership, flynas achieved constant monthly growth in SEM traffic, with a 15%+ month-to-month increase. SEM traffic now accounts for an 80% share of the total ticket sales since the beginning of the campaign. The success was a significant achievement for flynas as they had not previously ventured into affiliate marketing with generic keywords, making them the first Saudi-based airline to achieve success in this area.

Setting goals for sky-high growth

The partnership between Admitad and flynas was driven by well thought-out objectives and a comprehensive launch strategy. The primary objective was to evaluate the effectiveness of targeting generic keywords in Google to increase flynas’ online presence and attract new customers. Recognizing the potential in the generic search terms market, flynas aimed to capture traffic and sales that were previously untapped.

The strategy involved partnering with Admitad, renowned for their expertise in affiliate marketing, to leverage their network of SEM publishers specialized in generic keywords. 

The partnership aimed to deliver constant monthly growth in SEM traffic, with a clear target of a 15%+ month-to-month increase.

Game-Changing Brand Auditor Tool

Admitad’s own Brand Auditor tool played a crucial role in the innovation of the strategy.

This instrument provided a unique solution for tracking and addressing publishers’ violations, ensuring campaign transparency and maintaining its integrity. It showcased a creative approach to managing and optimizing the performance of publishers, leading to improved results.

Moreover, Admitad’s team showed creativity in their approach to effectively target the audience by utilizing publishers who specialized in generic keywords. By leveraging their extensive network, Admitad was able to tap into the desired audience segment and deliver targeted traffic to flynas. This required careful selection, onboarding, and ongoing monitoring of publishers to ensure their alignment with the campaign objectives and compliance with the agreed-upon terms and conditions.

The strategy helped expand flynas’ reach and capture the attention of potential customers who were searching for generic terms related to air travel.

Ihab Makarem

Head of Marketing, flynas

Partnering with Admitad has been a game-changer for us. Their expertise in affiliate marketing, combined with SEM strategies, has helped us achieve our goals of increasing our online presence and attracting new customers. Admitad’s effective management of SEM publishers, and their Brand Auditor tool, ensured transparency and helped maintain the integrity of the campaign. We are thrilled with the results and proud to be the first Saudi-based airline to achieve success in affiliate marketing.

Reaching SEM heights

As a result of the partnership, flynas experienced constant monthly growth in SEM traffic, surpassing the initial target of a 15%+ month-to-month increase. Since the beginning of the campaign, SEM traffic accounted for an 80% share of the total ticket sales, showcasing the effectiveness of the strategy in driving sales and revenue. This substantial increase in online visibility and sales marked a significant achievement for flynas as the first Saudi-based airline to achieve success in affiliate marketing with generic keywords.

The partnership’s effectiveness is further supported by the measurable impact on flynas’ online presence and customer base. The campaign successfully increased flynas’ market share by attracting new customers who were actively searching for generic air travel terms on Google. The partnership’s results surpassed expectations and delivered tangible outcomes that aligned with the stated objectives.

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