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  • EPC 16$
  • Approval rate 86.2%
  • Cookie lifetime 30 dni
  • CR 7%
  • Avg. hold time 58 dni
  • Average payment time 59 dni

Program information

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With the bücher.de partner program you can market over 15 million selected articles. In addition to all types of books, we offer eBooks, music, audio books, films, games, software, games, electronics, downloads and much more.

This is what buecher.de offers:

  • Product data as CSV or XML
  • every order is delivered free of charge
  • regular information on current promotions
  • current bestseller lists for books, DVDs and CDs

Per sale you get:
9.2% commission on books
6.2% commission on non-book items
6.2% commission for all cashback partners
3.08% commission for all voucher partners
3.08% commission for cashback affiliates with coupons

Important information for cash Backer & bonus programs: commissions for net books may be paid in any case to the end customer!

Note for publishers with cashback programs:
No commission can be awarded for orders that contain vouchers, so that no cashback is passed on. In addition, this must also be communicated transparently to the users on the websites.

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