Giva [CPS] IN

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  • EPC 211$
  • Approval rate 68.8%
  • Cookie lifetime 30 dias
  • CR 1%
  • Avg. hold time 71 dias
  • Average payment time 71 dias

Program information

Company Description - GIVA is a silver jewellery store aiming with a vision to make authentic, elegant and fine jewellery accessible. Starting in 2019, GIVA has grown rapidly to become one of India's leading silver jewellery and natural diamond jewellery brand.

1. Pure Silver – Every piece is crafted with 925 sterling silver, so there’s never a doubt about the quality. Your precious jewellery will retain its value, forever.
2. Authenticity Certificate – Your GIVA pieces are accompanied by an authenticity certificate that validates the purity of your precious jewels
3. Warranty- 6-months plating warranty on all your jewellery products
. Packaging – Packaging as gorgeous as your jewellery, is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face
5. Convenience - Doorstep delivery, fast and secure checkout, 30-day no questions asked returns, any payment method you can think of (including cash on delivery), free and insured delivery. What more could you ask for!

Campaign Description: This is a CPS (Cost per sale) campaign where the publishers need to drive sales on the Giva's website.

Target GEO - PAN India

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Founded 2009-09-01, Lise-Meitner-Str, Heilbronn
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