Myrentacar WW

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  • EPC 10$
  • Approval rate 41.5%
  • Cookie lifetime 60 dias
  • CR 1.5%
  • Avg. hold time 91 dias
  • Average payment time 91 dias

Program information

Myrentacar WW affiliate campaign – is international service for booking cars of local auto providers in Russia, Montenegro, Czech Republic and Georgia. It connects more than 150 local providers. The main slogan of the company is «Book certain car for the best price».

Despite the small amount of country the company works in you can receive more profit (data of the advertiser, comparing to other "car rental services"). 

Advantages for customers:

  • All car rental services of a city in one place
  • The same prices as offered by auto providers
  • Quick and polite support
  • You choose a certain car (with color and type of audio system), but not only the car class
  • Small amount to book a car (prepayment)
  • Lower prices than global car rental services offer

Target audience:

  • Russia and CIS
  • Demography: males 25-50 years old – 70%, females 27-45 years old – 30%.
  • The target audience is modern and independent. They like to organize their trips by themselves.
  • Often a car can be booked by family with children for vacation time. If you work with Russia you need to know that many businessmen book cars in our service for business trips.

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