Wallis UK

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  • EPC 4$
  • Approval rate 71.8%
  • Cookie lifetime 30 dias
  • CR 2.7%
  • Avg. hold time 54 dias
  • Average payment time 92 dias

Program information

Welcome to Wallis! We are one of the largest premium UK women’s fashion brands.

Our website, launched in 2003, now attracts over 400,000 shoppers every week and reaches customers in 113 countries worldwide. Over 1,300,000 fans receive Wallis news and exclusives direct to their inbox every week. Our product range is updated online daily with over 1,000 products available online.

The Wallis woman is stylish, modern and glamorous. She wants inspirational clothes that interpret current fashion trends but will last beyond the season. Our customer looks for quality, fit and value for money. Wallis also has a bespoke range for petite women, 5'3” and under.


Commission Structure

30 day cookie

Affiliates who’s prime activity is to promote discount codes and vouchers will receive 1% commission and affiliates who promote Wallis via a cashback model, will be put on a 1% commission.

PPC Policy
Please be advised that brand name bidding restrictions apply to the Wallis programme.

Affiliates are requested not to bid on brand or brand plus generic terms or ANY derivation or misspelling; ie: Wallis, Wallace, wallis fashion.

Affiliates are also not allowed to bid on terms where wallis appears in the natural listings in the top 3 on generic terms and not above their own PPC activity. To avoid broad match issues please include restricted terms as negative keywords in all your PPC campaigns for wallis.

Affiliates wishing to promote Wallis via PPC through use of a landing page should first contact the account management team. PPC affiliates who apply for the Wallis programme without first getting in touch to discuss their promotion may find that their application is declined.

Affiliates found contravening these terms may have their commissions declined and face immediate suspension from the programme.

Domain restrictions
Affiliates are asked not to register domains which are similar or misspells of our brand, any activity of this kind on the campaign will result in commissions being declined and retrieval of the domain.

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