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  • EPC 1$
  • Approval rate 93.6%
  • Cookie lifetime 90 днів
  • CR 0.1%
  • Avg. hold time 27 днів
  • Average payment time 34 днів
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The Setmore Affiliate Program – What To Know.

We give you the tools that make you and your audience's business stand out from the rest.

Show your followers a platform that can revolutionize their booking system while also earning rewards. The Setmore affiliate program offers various commission rates based on your referral's number of users and type of plan. 

At the Setmore Affiliate Program, we offer you:

  • A 25% commission for every Pro or Team signup
  • 90-day cookie life

Your content matters. Use your voice to share the benefits of Setmore with your audience while getting paid. What's not to love?

Our developers are on hand to help you leverage our external API, where you can customize your Setmore app to suit your business. Boost your articles, campaigns, and videos with the Setmore brand. 

Please note: As an affiliate, you cannot run any form of advertisement,  for example, Bing Ads Google Ads or Google AdWords, bid on any Setmore brand keywords to drive sales. Our team will disapprove any commission gained through these methods and we may remove you from the affiliate program. 

What is Setmore?

Setmore is a free appointment booking software developed to organize your business. Save time and increase bookable hours by automating bookings, reminders, and payments. Manage your entire calendar, all in one place.

Create an account and level up your appointment management with seamless automation. Your customers have a direct route to reserve time through your online Booking Page. There’s no need to call or email, and every new appointment lands straight in your calendar.

Let your app handle the heavy lifting. Here are just a few of the perks available:

  • Accept online payments: Reduce invoicing by getting paid ahead of time through your Booking Page. Easy and secure.
  • Cut down on no-shows: Automate personalized email or text reminders to keep your customers in the loop.
  • Extend your reach: Add Zoom or Teleport video meeting links to your appointments.
  • Boost your booking channels: Connect your Booking Page to your website, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Brand your Booking Page: Include your logo, brand elements, an Instagram stream, reviews and more.
  • Manage your team: Keep your calendar in check and your employees organized. Everyone stays updated with real-time booking notifications across any device.

Empower your audience to upgrade their booking process while reaping your own rewards. Sign up now to get started as a Setmore affiliate partner.

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